Established in 2019.

MERTS was created out of a passion for sharing life saving skills and serving the community. As such,

"Education is at the core of MERTS."

We are a proud and active supporter of the Armed Forces Covenant. We recognise and value the contribution that service personnel give to our country. A significant number of our medics are either ex or serving military / emergency service personnel. As such,

"...military & EMERGENCY SERVICE ethos, standards and efficiencIES are reflected in the way MERTS operates."

Working closley with the Ambulance Services is an inevitable part of the job when providing medical cover, so having 'inside knowledge' is a great advantage! Many of our medics are privately trained in Pre-Hospital Emergency Care but also fulfil roles as Community First Responders responding to life threatening '999' emergencies in their spare time. This first hand experience has proven invaluable, as...

"...the MERTS model is influenced by and modelled upon EXPERIENCE OF real world 999 emergencies."

MERTS has grown steadily from humble beginings and we are forever thankful for the support, guidance and advice received from other companies. We have been and will always remain keen - to work with and support others where possible, respecting the business interests of those who demonstrate this mutual respect with us. MERTS understands that...


We would like to express a special thanks to SEMS Medical Services for their ongoing and invaluable support - we highly recommended SEMS for large-scale events. We would also like to thank Oakdale Training and Assessment Academy Ltd., Emergency Rescue Solutions Ltd., Safeguard Medical Services Ltd., EAS Wales Ltd. and Quinns Training Services Ltd. for their part in developing individuals within MERTS along the way.

Diolch yn fawr iawn i chi gyd - Thank you very much!