a tailored solution

Medical Staff

All of our medics have real-world experience of treating illness and injury. We are able to supply staff from a range of clinical grades, from First Aiders and First Responders, right the way up to registered Nurses and Paramedics.

Response Vehicles

Whether you want us to blend into the background or have a high profile presence, we have both marked and unmarked vehicles that are fully equipped - perfect to ensure that our medica are able to get to the scene of an incident in a timely manner.

Treatment Centres & Emergency Ambulances

We have a number of options available. If your event requires a 'go to' area, we can provide a 'gazebo' style treatment room - a perfect private area for treatment of patients at outdoor events. Where your risk assessment identifies a greater need, we work closely with other companies and are able to offer frontline Emergency Ambulances, where required.

Radio Communication, Incident Command and Control

Clear and effective channels of communication are key to the safe deployment of resources. If you do not have radio communications already set up, we highly recommend Cleddau Communications' digital solutions. We have found that their technology is by far the best in use and they offer excellent value for money.

If you would like a complete service, through MERTS we are able to organise additional handsets as part of our quote, configured with multiple channels. The intelligent handset technology allows you to track each resource/medic with integrated GPS mapping for simple and effective monitoring and dispatch. If required, we are also able to establish and operate a command centre for your event. Please ask for further details.