Our Values

...our code. Four reasons why you can trust us to do the job.


Every individual we train, every client we work with and every patient we treat, will each have their differences. What doesn't change however, is the fact that for each training, first aid or medical need, there is an individual/patient at the centre of it who should be treated with the utmost respect at all times.


The awarding body's robust Quality Assurance procedures ensure that the way in which we train, support and assess will always be of the highest of standards, protecting the reputation and integrity of your organisation. Likewise, our commitment to patient care demands only the highest level of professional integrity on our part. All of our staff are associate members of BASICS, an Association that is a "recognised authority on pre-hospital immediate care... British Association for Immediate Care (BASICS) is a strong and vibrant professional association that brings together a wide range of individuals and maintains the driving force behind many of today’s leading developments in pre-hospital care."


MERTS expects and delivers the highest standards of service. We are able to provide effective and efficient solutions to meet your First Aid and Medical Needs, based on models and systems which we know work. We understand that your individual circumstances demand a tailored service, which we are pleased to offer.


MERTS' ethos and foundations have been built upon Military service, work in the Emergency Services and a career in Education. For each of those industries, there is little to no margin for error, MERTS considers itself no different and as such we strive for excellence in all we do.